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H-Town Tribute 2 Notorious B.I.G.[Mixtape]

Posted in H-Town, NY Rap, Throwback, Tributes on July 31, 2010 by Stevearelli

Really crazy Notorious B.I.G mixtape of all his bangers chopped and screwed by DJ Candlestick presented by OG Ron C. Don’t sleep on this I’m bout to pour up a 4 and get right to this.

01.notorious b.i.g.-kick in the door (h-town intro)
02.notorious b.i.g.-mo money mo problems
03.notorious b.i.g.-friend of mine
04.notorious b.i.g.-only you ft. 112
05.notorious b.i.g.-juicy
06.notorious b.i.g.-everyday struggles
07.notorious b.i.g.-hypnotize
08.notorious b.i.g.-ready 2 die
09.notorious b.i.g.-one more chance (hip-hop remix)
10.notorious b.i.g.-get money
11.notorious b.i.g.-sky is the limit
12.notorious b.i.g.-notorious thugs ft. bone thugs
13.notorious b.i.g.-dead wrong ft. eminem
14.notorious b.i.g.-big poppa
15.notorious b.i.g.-warning
16.notorious b.i.g.-fucking you tonight ft. r. kelly
17.notorious b.i.g.-respect
18.notorious b.i.g.-things done changed
19.notorious b.i.g.-10 crack commandments
20.notorious b.i.g.-cant you see ft. total
21.notorious b.i.g.-gimmie the loot ft. easyyvessiant

H-Town Tribute 2 Notorious B.I.G.[Mixtape Download]


No Homo Doggie Week 3

Posted in East Coast, NY Rap, Tributes on May 28, 2010 by Stevearelli

Herb Mcgruff was one of the founders of the legendary Harlem rap group Children Of The Corn along with Big L, Cam’Ron, Mase, and Bloodshed. He’s always been a close affiliate of the Dip Set fam appearing on certain diplomat tapes. This track here appeared on the All Eyez On Zeek mixtape from Summer 2003. This was released around the whole shooting incident that happened to Freekey Zeeky. This was a slept-on gem, but when it dropped it lit the streets on fire hinting at a comeback from Mcgruff. It would’ve been crazy to hear Gruff on more tracks with the Diplomat crew. This crack was once again supplied by the Heatmakerz. Let’s keep the computers putin forever.

Herb Mcgruff-Don’t You Know(All Eyez On Zeek, 2003)

Bonus:Cam’Ron (Feat.Herb Mcgruff & Jim Jones)-We Go Hard(Kay Slay Mixtape, 2001)

No Homo Doggie Week 2

Posted in East Coast, NY Rap, Tributes on May 20, 2010 by Stevearelli

Back at it with more of that Diplomatic crack. This week I bring you some heat from The Ethiopian A.K.A The Writer Of Writers. Remember when J.R. Writer was supposed to have up next? Them mixtape freestyles used to be off the meat rack no homo though. When I first heard this track I lost it. Spittin’ some wild shit over another crazy heatmakerz instrumental. Homie said “Picture Me Walkin’ Off In Khakis, I Got A Couple Cats That Could Off Pataki“. Aw shit the 2nd track was crazy simply because of the Boyz II Men sample. Let’s keep the movement moving and get educated on this piff.

JR Writer-Take It Or Leave It[CDQ]

JR Writer-Guess Who’s Back[CDQ]

R.I.P. Dolla

Posted in ATL, South, Tributes on May 18, 2010 by Stevearelli

It’s been a year since the death of Dolla from Konvict Muzik. He had the potential to be that dude up next. A lot of people felt the same way after seeing his freestyle on Rap City. He wasn’t you’re average commercial rapper. Here’s a couple stand-out tracks from Dolla for you to bump today. Rest In Paradise young blood.

Dolla-Georgia Nights[CDQ]

Dolla-Heartbreak Collision[CDQ]

Dolla-Guess Who’s Back Freestyle[CDQ]

No Homo Doggie Week 1

Posted in East Coast, NY Rap, Tributes on May 10, 2010 by Stevearelli

Here’s a new feature for the website. Everyweek I’ll be hitting yall off with some of my favorite Diplomat tracks. The shit that had kufi’s all across the world getting smacked off. Expect some rare mixtape gems, B-sides, rare, and miscellaneous tracks.

The first pick is a track from Juelz Santana’s debut mixtape Final Destination entitled “Crack”. The name is pretty fitting for the track because that’s exactly what it is. This shit still sounds so epic to this day. Heatmakerz used to kill it with the 80’s Arena Rock samples. My favorite line would have to be “I’m What’s Crackin Homie, I Got Cans Of That Crack-Violi, A Fiend’s Holy Matrimony”. That’s that hot fish grease mixed with some of that Broadway piff aiyeee!

Juelz Santana-Crack (Final Destination, 2003)

Random Eazy E Rarities[Audio]

Posted in Throwback, Tributes, West coast on March 26, 2010 by Stevearelli

Merry Mothafuckin Xmas…In March

Eazy E (Feat.Shaki)-Got Luv 4 Dem Gangstas(1994)[CDQ]

Eazy E (Feat.Kokane & Cold187um)-Neighborhood Sniper (Street Uncensored Remix)(1992)[CDQ]

Eazy E (Feat.Kokane & Cold187um)-Any Last Werdz (Another Murder Version)(1993)[CDQ]

Eazy E (Feat.Bone Thugs N’ Harmony)-Black Nigga Killa(Original Version)(1994)[CDQ]

Eazy E-Eazy Street (LP Version)(1991)[CDQ]

Eazy E-Howard Stern Interview(1993)[Audio]

Posted in Throwback, Tributes, West coast on March 26, 2010 by Stevearelli

This Interview Was Hilarious Because This Occurred During The Whole Ruthless vs. Death Row Beef. Eazy E Was Just Snappin On Dre The Whole Time. Howard Stern, Of Course Was Instigating Like A Goddamn Bitch, But The Entertainment Value Was Still Up There. Plenty Of Quotables In This Classic Interview. Rest In Peace Eric Wright.

Eazy E-Howard Stern Interview(1993)[Audio]