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Lil’ B-Pretty Boy(Remix)[Video]

Posted in West coast, Yay Area on August 3, 2010 by Stevearelli

The cinematography of the vid looks nice looks like Aris Jerome’s work.


Lil’ B-600 Bitches On Deck: Cooking Edition[Mixtape]

Posted in Mixtapes, West coast, Yay Area on July 27, 2010 by Stevearelli

Yall asked for it and we finally cooked it up. The sequel to the first based compilation we made. Now there’s 300 more bitches on deck. This is only for the true level 32 master chefs. This is strictly apron & spatula music brah. Shout outs to Caso Loco NY for the cover. I compiled 30 tracks for you from the cook music to the more introspective shit. Download link avaliable at the bottom.

1.The New Negro
2.The Summer
3.The Pretty Bitch Is Back
4.Mel Gibson
5.Cook My Bitch
7.Chef To The 6th [BASED FREESTYLE]
8.All I Know w/Soulja Boy & Waka Flocka Flame
9.Suck My D*ck Ho
10.Cook Steak Knife [BASED FREESTYLE]
11.Call Me Black Ken
12.Violate The Bitch
13.Hoes On My Dick/w Andy Milonakis
14.30 Thousand 100 Million w/Soulja Boy & Arab
15.Crown Me King
16.Hannah Montana (Feat.Messy Marv)
17.Pretty Boy(Remix)
18.Swag On My Dick
19.Sonic Boom (Feat.Soulja Boy)
20.Remember The Name
21.The Trap
22.T Shirts And Buddens(Joe Budden Diss)
23.Real Shit From A Real Nigga
24.Real Life
25.Times Blue
26.Dead Presidents
27.I Am The Hood
28.A Place 4 Everything
29.Cut Me Deep
30.The Age Of Information

Lil’ B-600 Bitches On Deck: Cooking Edition[Mixtape Download]

P.S.-I went to Lil B’s rare event at Santos this past weekend; and it really did resemble a cult worship.

Young L-Drop Top Swag[Video]

Posted in West coast, Yay Area on July 27, 2010 by Stevearelli

Some new shit from Young L.

Allow me to pull out a quote from this track that you can apply as words of wisdom to your life.

“I Bust Like A Choppa, All In Her Thang
Yeah But I Don’t Bust In Her, Pull…
Pull That Thang Out Let That Thang Squirt..
Do It Right Though, All Night Though?
Yeah…All Night Though”

Although I can decipher what it means, this statement still sounds one drool cup away from complete retardation. Fortunately, I still find myself vibing to this shit. It’d be good if the rest of The Pack provided more visuals like their homeboy Lil’ B.

Lil’ B-Situations[Video]

Posted in West coast, Yay Area on June 19, 2010 by Stevearelli

Based God back on his grind with some new shit.

Lil’ B-The Trap

Posted in Singles, West coast, Yay Area on June 8, 2010 by Stevearelli

Lil’ B’s been spittin some real shit the past couple songs. I can’t really call it as far as the direction for the Black Ken mixtape, but it’s good so far. It looks like the recent incident influenced this track.

Lil’ B-The Trap[CDQ]

Lil’ B (Feat.Kid Cudi)-I See Them

Posted in Singles, West coast, Yay Area on June 8, 2010 by Stevearelli

Produced by Eminem. I don’t know how the fuck Lil’ B got his hands on this track. I don’t listen to Eminem so I can’t tell if it’s just some new shit he added verses to either. Either way check it out. And yeah I peeped what happened to lil’ homie today but who gives a fuck to address some hoe ass shit like that. Let’s get back to this music.

Lil’ B (Feat.Kid Cudi)-I See Them[CDQ]

Stunnaman (Feat.Young L)-Paper Birds[Video]

Posted in West coast, Yay Area on June 7, 2010 by Stevearelli

Stunnaman is probably the most slept-on out the whole pack. If you haven’t checked out his new mixtape, do that right mothafuckin’ now though. Hopefully he keeps it consistent with the visuals and shit.